Sunday, August 28, 2011

Finger Lakes Yoga Festival Pics

Last weekend I had the pleasure and honor of being among many wonderful teachers and musicians at the  Second Annual Finger Lakes Yoga Festival, August 18-21st, Spruce Row Campground, Ithaca, NY. I had the opportunity to lead an outdoor class with live music accompaniment by members of my band, ONE LOVE. Later that evening, we led a kirtan under the night sky. 

I was fortunate enough to meet Bonnie Gustin, a delightful woman and talented photographer from Hammondsport, NY. The cool thing about Bonnie is that, after spending 25 years of her life cooped up in a little cubicle writing computer programs, she took a leap of faith, leaving the corporate world behind to follow her artistic passion. She is now doing photography full time and loving it. Bonnie was generous enough to let me use these photos on my blog.  Check out her work at .

Photos from our "River of Grace" outdoor yoga class with live music:

Opening chant:

May the Light of Love glow in me
May the Breath of Spirit blow in me
May the River of Grace flow through me
May God's work unfold through me
OM Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya
Live music for the class by multi-instrumentalist Joe Smellow, and Doug Shire (not pictured)

Rising up in Salutation to the Sun
Melting into the earth in Savasana

Closing Prayer

ONE LOVE leading kirtan in the evening, with our friends Kerry Lynn and Jeff Hellman joining us:

From L: Doug Shire, Jody Kessler, Kerry Lynn, Allie Ann Rutherford, Jeffrey Hellman, Joe Smellow .

A magnificent light show with fire dancers closed out the evening

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Reginald Daugherty said...

Whew... I can feel the radiance just by looking at your faces! Actually, I feel envious of your small gathering. I'm doing yoga myself at home, and I feel it's about time I join a group too.


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