Sunday, December 23, 2012

Let Your Yoga Dance!

If you have ever visited the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in the Berkshires, you know how fabulous and fun their movement classes are. Even if you have not actually participated in any of their world-renown dance classes, you have no doubt heard lots of wild hootin' and hollerin' and funky, evocative music wafting down the hallways from the main chapel every day at the noon hour. These classes have been a tradition at Kripalu for a decades. Originally called Dance Kinetics, these movement experiences were started by Megha Nancy Buttenheim, one of Kripalu's senior yoga instructors and a professional dancer. In later years, the name of the program was changed to Kripalu Yoga Dance. Eventually, other teachers began trademarking their own version of these dance classes--Journey Dance, Shake Your Soul, and more. In 2010 Megha trademarked the name "Let Your Yoga Dance" and has been training teachers all over the world to teach this uplifting and inspirational movement modality.

I recently completed my Let Your Yoga Dance teacher training, and I am very excited to beginning offering classes right here in Ithaca, New York! For the months of January and February I will be leading Let Your Yoga Dance at Island Fitness Community Corners, on alternate Thursdays, 11:15-12:15. It is FREE for members, and non members are welcome with an $11 day pass ($5.50 for downtown IHF members)

Let Your Yoga Dance® is a joy-filled fusion of gentle Kripalu yoga and user-friendly dance that is appropriate for all levels of fitness. In this inspiring and uplifting journey through the 7 chakras, or energy centers, we use breath, movement, and eclectic music to explore the multi-dimensional self. You do NOT need any previous yoga or dance experience to participate in this class. You only have to enjoy moving your body to great music from around the world, for fun, exercise, healing, and self-expression. Let Your Yoga Dance® is a total conditioning of body, heart, and soul!

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